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“How to be Happier At Work – Six ways to make magic happen every day” by Gerry Duffy

MIT are delighted to announce Gerry Duffy will be giving a presentation to the MIT group entitled “How to be Happier At Work – Six ways to make magic happen every day”. Gerry is a world renowned motivational speaker and author and is probably best known locally for his achievement of running 32 marathons over

Mark O’Neill “The API Economy – why APIs, not apps, are the future

MIT Mullingar is proud to present an informal talk by Mark O’Neill entitled “The API Economy – why APIs, not apps, are the future”. API’s have been around for a long time, however, in recent years Web based API’s have grown hugely in popularity allowing disparate applications talk to each other seamlessly. Every major web

May MIT Meetup

Our next meetup will be more social and we are looking forward to a good discussion on future events. Suggestions are: Mullingar IT/Web Conference MIT Public Ideas Pitching Event Have you an idea for an event? Drop us a line and let us know your ideas → Looking forward to catching up !

MIT Meetup – March

Discussion on a possible *future* MIT Careers Event (In the bar over a cup of coffee/pint) If anyone is interested in participating in a future IT careers event please let us know. MIT are looking for mentors, hiring managers etc to help newbies and those looking to advance their careers with some interview tips and

“The Midlands as a Gaming Technopolis” by Rob Acton

MIT are delighted to announce Rob Acton as a guest speaker who will be giving a presentation entitled “The Midlands as a Gaming Technopolis“. Rob is quite active on the Social and Monetised Gaming scene and will be announcing ten new jobs for the midlands in his companies at the event. Rob will be available

“Tilting the Viewfinder” by Joan Mulvihill, IIA

MIT Mullingar is pleased to announce that Joan Mulvihill, CEO of the Irish Internet Association, will be giving a talk entitled “Tilting the Viewfinder” on Tuesday 25th August in the Annebrook House Hotel at 7pm. Joan’s talk will focus on Irelands search for our very own technology giant and how we should expand the opportunity

MIT Meetup – April

Lots to catch up on, especially with Eddies cool MIT project planner (expect a demo ha ha!) and recent updates. As usual shout: Can you make it and If you want nibbles at 7 euros a head. (Happy to alter/scrap food option, there was a lot left over last time! – maybe we were too