Creativity is not a Talent. Its a way of operating.




Apart from being a Director of Creative Agency Studio 93 and a lecturer at AIT, Darren Doyle also reassuringly refers to himself as a brain owner [handy]. Over 40 people turned up to the Old House room of the Annebrook Hotel to hear Darren explain how it is in fact possible for us to improve our own creativity. He debunked what he described as the myth about right-brain thinking being the more creative. Darren is of the view that coming up with one brilliant creative idea is a numbers game  – if you keep coming up with ideas, creative or not eventually one of them will provide that eureka moment for you.

There are certain times and places where you are more likely to come up with creative ideas, such as in the shower. Children have a greater tendency to think creatively, however this drops from 95% to 12% in teenage years.

Back to what we must do to improve our creativity? And the answer is of course, take exercise! Meditation and exercise. In order to test his own creativity and at the suggestion of founder member of the MIT Tony Palmer, Darren then fielded a quick-fire round of questions from the entire room. Questions of all types, from whether Irish people are more creative, to when is the best time of the day for creativity to… whether there were any chocolate biscuits to accompany the post-event tea. And on that note, the meeting was soon over. Well done Darren.

What Darren achieved better than perhaps any of our previous speakers was a sense of brain-storming and idea-sharing within the group. And afterwards as people enjoyed both the hot and cold beverages of the Annebrook, there was plenty of interaction and happily, many of them newcomers to the MIT and certainly not all from IT backgrounds.

Keep an eye on the website for updates of future upcoming events which will be open to people of all IT interests and skill levels.


Tom Griffith

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